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How to quiet down garage doors

Garage doors get noisy all the time due to friction among the moving garage door parts. Unless there are other serious problems with some of the components, the experts of our company in Claremont would recommend lubrication maintenance twice every year.  Lubrication will make the movement smooth.

Repair damages right away

If you neglect fixing damaged garage door parts, you will put your life in danger and probably pay double for future garage door repairs. One worn component may affect the adjacent ones or break if not repaired immediately. You will spend more on replacements and fixing other parts.

Doing checkups on your door

Professionals at Garage Door Repair Claremont advise that inspecting your garage doors on a monthly basis is part of good garage door maintenance. Make sure to clean the dirty parts. Scrub the dirt and rust out so that they do not clog up the mechanism, causing it to cease functioning properly.

Consider battery backup for your opener

This extra accessory can be added to any garage door opener with a DC motor. When the power goes out, the backup automatically delivers power to the motor. In this way, the opener can work to run the door. You do not have to resort to manual operation, which is hard and holds safety risks too. Check how long the backup can provide power for and how many cycles the opener can perform with it.

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