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Is spring replacement a must when replacing the panel?

The replacement of garage door springs is necessary only when the new door panel has different characteristics from the older one in terms of its weight. The experts of our company in Claremont suggest their replacement also when springs are already ruined.

Will sectional doors be cheaper?

The initial garage door prices are determined by materials, size and whether the door is insulated or not. Though, in the future sectional doors will cost you less for maintenance because hinges are cheap to replace and each panel is changed individually should some parts get damaged.

What are the different materials used for manufacturing garage doors?

Garage doors are made of different materials, including steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages and there is no single type that is superior to the other. It will ultimately depend on the preference of the homeowner what material he or she would want to have.

Should I choose an aluminum door?

Aluminum garage doors come in numerous designs like steel doors. The typical design of this type of door includes wood-grain embossing as well as durable finishes. However, there are sturdy versions of this type that come with dent resistant panels and extruded frames. If you want less expensive aluminum doors, you can choose this type with panels made of high-density polyethylene.

What garage door motor should I get?

The selection of the motor depends on the door's weight. It will also be determined by your own expectations in terms of speed. The important thing is to get a garage door opener with a motor that has sufficient horsepower for your own door.

Should I buy galvanized tracks?

It's a good idea to get galvanized garage door tracks. It's even better to get stainless steel tracks although such materials are more expensive. There are actually some differences but whichever choice you make you can have peace of mind that the tracks won't erode. So, avoid get plain steel tracks.

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