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Simple Fixes for Misbehaving Garage Doors

02/27/2014 Back To Blog

Simple Fixes for Misbehaving Garage DoorsThere is nothing more frustrating than a garage door not working properly early in the morning when you need to begin errands. The important thing is not to get angry or stressed. Most of the issues are simple and can be fixed without much hassle. You just need to follow some basic Garage Door Repair tips.

A Fix for Every Issue

If you have to hold the push button continuously for the system to close, then the problem most certainly lies with the sensors and more precisely with their photo eyes. Garage Door Sensor replacement is typically not required. You simply need to clean the photo eyes and ensure that they are properly aligned facing each other.

If the door is not properly aligned at the bottom and it hangs up on one side, then the problem is most likely with the Garage Door Springs and more precisely with the cables that they use. You need to check each and every Garage Door Cable for fraying, wear and small tears. If you notice even the smallest sign that a cable is not in perfect condition, immediate replacement is required. You would not want to wait for the cable to snap, to cause an accident or even worse harm you or a family member.

If the door opens more slowly than usual then there is a damaged or broken spring which requires replacement. You can easily identify the malfunctioning spring with a quick inspection. Its position, alignment and/or condition will be improper.

If the door does not close all the way there may be one or several issues preventing it from working properly. The problem may be due to the door bending in the tracks. In this case, you need to adjust the track spacing. If the Garage Door track is bent, it is best if you replace it instead of trying to straighten it. Check the Pulleys as well and replace them if they are worn out.

Now you know how to ensure the proper operation of the Garage Door Opener and the entire system. These tips prevent from future damage as well as simple and proper maintenance.

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